Shawn's Dreamscape

by inCredible

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2nd instalment from canadian west coast artist,
the inCredible Shawn Morozza

recorded at level +
mastered by clayton penzes of the spot


released 07 May 2013

produced by shawn morozza with help from

Matt Brevner
Kendra Lynn Dias
Flow Patrol



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Daydream


oh boy you're dreamin'
thats what they say


sometimes i don't really know if i'm dreamin'
asleep walkin' through the cold streets in the evenin'
believe it, see my subconscious scenic
pop a couple ambien my brain's in pieces
lackin' sleep when i'm attackin' beats
hit it hard in the studio and rap for weeks
progress professional i'm past you geeks
in my 'sace sunglasses im a fashion freak
what you askin' me?
whats they key to success?
a fuck the world attitude and nothin' but stress
i'm just tryna digest what the world's throwin' at me
while im dodgin' these bullets blowin' up like iraqis
no way you can catch me im oscar pistorius
drunk in a taxi and bumpin' notorious
roll into your girls' for a quickie
half asleep freaky deaky japanese niggie



this city air got me feelin' so fresh
and the rest of the scenery releasin' any stress
and the best of it is im in the cut to make checks
in less time than i would've guessed and yes im
still gettin' high see a cat thats cheshire and chase it
i dream big it'd be a shame to waste it
face it i'm the best guy to rap in awhile
impatient to press my attack and defile
quit with the head swellin' it isn't betterin' anythin'
tellin' em shit that's irrelevant, anyone else will
and everyones sellin' it whether it's evident
or it's intended to fester, develop and well up in every kid
helpin' to sell and essential collection of elephant shit
in attempt to be welcome with ineloquent pricks
awe to hell with your cliques


listen to me
i'm bitchin' i ain't got it in
but i mean this teams all i need bro
vision can see the flows greasy as getting
pissed off listerine
get a cist and decease
im sick as the sea
they're icky as kleenex i'm clean extacy
humility isn't my thing as it seems
i should chill and belittle my cynical means
and irrhythmical schemes and then kill em
revealin' my literal dreams
these villains and demons appear to be real
i feel the machines are sealin' the deals and stealin'
our dreams i mean they're concealed but still
can be seen in the mediums screens
you tell me what it means

Track Name: Forget


all i think about now
is how i should have made a change
and all i think about it seems
are all the things i want to forget


never say forever lest you never told a lie
99 percent the time the forever endeavour dies
and you wont know what its like
to feel you really fucked up until she tells you
that she hates you with conviction so youre stuck
lovin' the drug when it ceases to please
because youre so fucking used to it its habit and disease
maybe if you hadn't abused it in the first place it never would have abused you
beat you at your own game
its true that you don't know what you've got until its gone
but they don't tell you how you come to wish you never even had it
manic obsession is as unhealthy as depression
and if you let your guard down you're headed both directions
im missin' our connection, im questionin' my methods
ever since you left me guessin' why i never kissed your head
and said perfection is subjective but you're better than a 10
like an 11 now im lemons


you could drive an impala a thousand miles an hour into tomorrow
and i would've followed but now forget it
let it lessen the load as i get offended by hoes who would never know
you could love him for being broke and alone in this
big old world
she's livin' like the shits owed to her
thinkin' bout some big gold pearls
im thinkin' i should get on tour
and what about my friend is head surrendered to the credit
and he's livin' independent but the debt has got him wishin'
he was dead and it's inevitable when he's so contended to
believe it would be better
i need to forget to remember
Track Name: Pessimism


you know what as a kid shit seemed better
since im grown up theres only so much pessimism
and i dont know what to tell em

freeze frame this day retained
in an image vividly picturing how we live what would it display
some would say were farther gone than lindsay
cars bitches and violence are targeted to kids sayin'
party all the time and buy bacardi cause the shits great
if you never fight then you're retarded and you're bitch made
and well be payin' for their sick ways till mitt blazes
and little wayne spits great as kim k like shit ray
im tryna kick the kings
what the hell you expect
these liars say its obscene
ill never be gettin' checks
the irony's sickening
i question the kid a sec
he's retired at seventeen
a professional internet


i guess its a different time now
instead of kickin outside now kids all stay inside
play online and drain their minds out
crazy what they find out
youth corrupted try and doubt
truth in what i say you won't dictate the things i rhyme about
sick and insane sinister wicked and vain
criminals cripple the same system we built to retain
principles which have remained integral
in our existence since we had made up inane rituals
haters remain spiritual
makin the fakes lyrics look painfully plain
blank as the statements i make
miracles takin a place
here its amazing as grace
hear it and fear for your sake
i interfere with the state mirror it gimme a break


Flow Patrol

to keep a secret they're peekin' the beacon in the rough
its the freshest of pessimists but their presence is enough
and i figured it out, thinkin' about takin' another puff
shit failed to lift the veil takin' not my cut
not for sale resist retail flippin' off the cuff
flow patrol control keepin' it in touch with the list of the wisdom
the twist isn't tough
when the haters start showin the negative face to face
days start slowin' eliminate the taste defaced phased not knowin'
but i stay hot flowin' and the cage you embraced is insane not goin'
yall sit and ya stay maintain spot holdin'

Track Name: Victory
are we good?

its incredible
makin' somethin' outta nothin'
fuck your pretentious little backhand statements
i ain't made it you're complainin'
how's he soundin' so brazen from his basement
i hate it
hate it like you love it
was lookin' for my sound and now i found it and it's somethin'
im buzzin'
and wasn't it because of it they're frontin' like my cousins?
fuck it ill take the lovin' im close to becomin' hunted
fun n' games are over if i miss the plane
older ill grow as insane sober as mr. cocaine molars
regret isnt a cage i'm willing to face
no that snake-like embrace slowly kills you in place
i ain't tryna be the type to start a fight or incite a rivalry
so why they need to try and see if i can be
as vile as i sound
i been around man, i know they out to devour they're just
powerless to my sound man
i heard it all before plus you're soundin' kinda sore
what's the chances that you're jealous of me yo
you make me bored
im just tryna make some cash so i could break the cord
now i know im dope its only time till my reward
man its hard to find a balance between topics where im not just
talkin out my ass and
when im talkin to our planet
take my soul have it ima share it through my music
if you choose it you can grab it thats some magic

never stop no though i may go to my knees
i get right back up and say yo fuck with me
i dont give a shit
im too legit to quit
if youre bitter and youre bitchin' i ain't got a minute for it

its just so cold i was so overloked
now i roast when i flow
your shits so overcooked
whippin this cream till im most overbooked
like west 'cept i ain't laying off the kush

this a shout out
callin every single person here who holds me down out
i couldn't do without you
if i don't get around to meetin up around 2
it's cause im overworkin' on this sound to make you proud dude
i ain't wastin time tryna be the rabbit
im a turtle and im takin on the world
superman'n all the mother fucking actors
your team got as much chance of winnin'
as the raptors
i've been feeling like im doing this solo
so if i seem stressed its
cause i am goin' dolo is the only
way i seem to get it right
i envy frodo when he down and out
he got sam to save him screamin' yolo
slayin urakhais like im slayin borin guys
border patrol are more enjoyable right?
lawyers get annoyed by all of your dronin
man like shit just quit can't you see you ain't fit
for this rap game spittin bout chicks that you cant lay
grippin that clip that you cant spray sippin that
pitcher of champagne only in your video cause you
dont really have change?
no this kid is downright mad
hit a cynic in his ornery thickened head with a civic
yo this kinda sounds like shad yaa i get it
man he totally bit it
yea i did it

it wont last and i know that
so i go and have a bowl packed
and i smoke that hold that yo
choked on my own track
tryna get funny yeah buddy say im dope whack

but i keep on beast on you reets
all you sheep gotta peace flock
drop em off a steep rock sheesh bra
why so violent, im like the iron giant
yeah im nice until you push me then im pushin'
your retirement
Track Name: Stand Out
decent eh?
a beat like this need a reet to slay
put your piece away or ima peace away
i dont need that now im a piece away
from getting decent pay
i ain't pleased to say that i need to save
for a week to pay for a decent date
but i dont even need to go beast to play
with the meanest snake in this game
lyrics literally leapin' the page
when i go on tour ill be leapin' the stage
till then i'm gettin viewed like im rita foltayano
or faye reagan no administration
i keep it light man
so dark lately i need it ight man?
ive been feeling like im leaving people that i love behind
and im losing sight of what it means to live and love your life
it comes back to money every time cause you gotta provide
for somebody
im old hat at all that done for me
had my life run for me
now i got the ball and everybody run from me
get a post up
fuck it ima go dunk
i dont know about ball but im ballin when theres no sun
in my zone im arizona but
it be rainin every day so you know i must
keep it cool yea a tool is a two face and a fool
i ain't needa make a rule all my dudes know its true
you know ill never do it
but youre pushin me into it
i hoped you wouldn't do it
bring your whole crew and you'll be leavin lookin stupid
fuck man gotta keep it chill gonna switch it up i feel
what she say? who me gay?
man shes mad she can't get these nades
still got me on replay though
good taste for some greasy hoe
oh man thats just mean yeah yo
im rarer than some clean yeyo
so line em up away we go
im railin all these lames they blow
get it? im railin blow
dang it hope this genius ain't just wasted
on some thankless hoes
haters need some haze to toke and lamers need to take a note
wont cater to their basic flows

yeah its so good when it goes like it should
talkin like they do this man they would if they could
don't give a fuck ill stand out cause the words i say
could sway a generation save em maybe corporations

all up in your shit
give it a minute and well be sippin the piss of an ever livin tickin time bomb
like god is it obvious they're watchin us, mockin us cause we cant stop them cause
we aint been pushed hard enough
or maybe we dont care fallin ups pretty easy but
were gonna hit something mars is rough
they say its goin okay call their bluff
as for the condemnation of condoms in our nation
what the fuck are you sayin you basically sound outrageous outdated
your fabrications of hate are among the craziest based on a bunch of bear shit
flaming like the gays you compare with satanists somethings different youre scared so hate it is?
youre holdin us back and my patience is thin get to bracin' for sinister waste of your kin
how many times i gotta write the verse of the year just to cushion the rear
my turns gotta be near
i bet you would never give anything less than your best if you messed up enough to be stressed
and your destiny is under questioning
so its best you be investing all your steam into bettering yourself
better be a level up to battle for the belt
you never even said i got you rattled but its felt
fuck it ima get it while youre rappin bout your wealth
damn i make it happen and im baggin em man
im like the baggins master i slash actors after i mack elves
the fuck is he sayin
Track Name: The Noose

look what we instated its just truth
every day this noose gets less loose

im lookin out of place here like winnie the pooh
in a whore house screwin like two loose broads with a few
more than a few diseases
whore is the new adidas
marines are hostile peace keepers please abort your fetus
the tvs so elitist when youre watching the news
please dont believe this but you probably do
because the media said it and so its probably true
yeah its gotta be dude
nah foxes are shrewd
and we can keep on talkin its an option but the problem is
were not in a position to talk to the kids properly
they listen but they gotta be missin our mission
quizzical looks when attemptin visioning lyrics
of this sophisti-
kay shawn
take it down a notch you made your point youre runnin circles round the block and the people are mockin you, talkin to kids like youre god when youre not like you possibly know we evolve constantly brainwashing is obvious and were watching our TVs to death? please we obsess with our precious best friends our celebrity guests
eating our beef fresh from our table and depressing little betty here
cause shes too fat to impress a man and its her parents damn fault she
east mcdonalds like a planned regimen
cherk her in and they'll prescribe some medicine
let em win theyre so deep and twisted
shit were getting meat spin'd, fuck it i mean to offend


check it im back in for another verse cause no one could ride this beat
fuck it thats fine with me ill go hard as a diamond ring
or a bar made of iron please
im a narcissist finding reasons to rhyme like my car was keyed
by the guys we pay far from cheap to go lying on our tv's
time after time buying line after line
frying our minds and theyre tiring us out with ease
for crying out loud the biebs couldnt hire them out
the greed is entire theres no freedom theres just survival
people are idle and dc sells bibles to quiet em
spread the libel im liable to go fidel on vitals in our society
fightin' with all the rivals on all sides then hold a trial
convicted of youth defiled they violate you
as in try and make two people the same in the name of god
fuck it just get it through
we need to stay unique and embrace it its plain to see we progress when a change is made
and the sheep get all angry beasts are afraid of it so deciet
has been makin peace for awhile but its a lease with no buyout
and streets arent safe for feet
while we entertain ourselves to death the rest all get ahead and then the next thing that you know
were dependant on them instead
contending that were better is laughable let it set in
we have to be several trilly in debt
to some asian men
face it our days are spent making someone elses money
were lazy and late for rent bro
believe well pay it in the end though
the fuck do i have to complain about
Track Name: Last Shot


no one does it better than us
no forgetting come in close i hope its sexy enough


what up world
no shout outs on this one
except for cora of course
i never wait to blow im going in it not immaculate
hesitate and bro you'll be considered on the wagon late
im smashin' out imagined gates and lappin' other rappers
like they're lackin legs
slackin is inaction and that i cant exaggerate
how much i cannot stand and so i practice any chance i take
im trashin every track i make the bag is full the man is late
rap is oversaturated? well if thats the case then all these rappers
must be masturbating as i set the standard with the hammer flow
playin whack a mole with these plastic actors actin like its facts theyre saying
it saddens me when people think were actually related
cause we rap and we get faded but you lack sophisticated
innovative lyricism hate to say it but you're basic
get replaced with elevated sicker kids who frickin ace it
i trump a king with brainless flow
runnin seems the way to go when some mcs are lame
and dont know what'll keep the game afloat
come and see the slaying no remaining rappers saying they be bangin
insufflating my insane hobo creating flow
put you out of work and get you hooked im pimpin angry hoes
mad at all the facts i keep on rammin' down their hating throats
don't i sound so damn mad fuck a rabbit and a hatter take imaginary daggers to alice
and drag her ass to the pastor to mastur- wait
man this a dizaster
im rappin like an acid coked grandpa ridin antelopes
find an antidote the kid is practically harassin folks


sexy BC master leaf
legally? practically
doofus if it wasnt for the US it would have to be
now im gettin' controversial for you motherfuckers
kinda like
faggot all i ask is that you ash the roach pass it and you'll catch it
like you're ash or oak
nah i joke ima stash it for some after tokes
for after im done bashin the establishment these asses hold up
as if its some pants expose the crap and then they'll have to fold up
at least thats what youd think but it seems the more its whacker though
the more that we adore it
dammit soldiers battle for us casualties for acts of whorish rampant greed
we asked to forfeit but they pat our heads ignore it
so im like is shit important?
fuckin right i have a vote thats over like this track is close
and so ill write this anecdote
all i know is i can hack a hole in half these other rappers only hacking
holy moly man you needa practice homie drastically actually
hash it and then pack it for me
smokin' all these vegetables
euthanasia, act of mercy
im wrote off as a radical tactfully merkin' actors
for your damn entertainment like the rap version of hannibal
fuckin cannibal
but keep it on the DL cause im still workin at panago