mr. alien

by inCredible

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the first inCredible mixtape

mr. alien was conceived in the summer of 2013

the art is by shawn morozza circa 2007

this is a relatively loose collection of songs, some with lots of meaning to me and others that are just fun


released December 25, 2014

made with the help of linus, krev, and pierre, and the vocal talent of caleb (the vizzion) on 'i don't care'



all rights reserved


inCredible Vancouver, British Columbia

rarity from canadas west coast

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Track Name: telegram (prod. beat gates)
for me sir?

its ok im from canada
i play the game just to smash it up
now its batter up
WHACK, you rather bunt
damn he's rather blunt
rap around rappers as i wrap a blunt
ragged on a track starin daggers at em
laggers when theyre laggin up the match
or the game
whats in a name when im lagered up?
lackin in the brain
smack it so the pain go back
from where it came oh snap
its the same old hat
that he claims wont wack
no age just a fresh flow bro go rage

whered the hook go?

im gettin a message man
its a telegram from a television
thats a little suspicious
if its sus the kid'll quit it
n lay low
watch the game of thrones
shit, thats a great show
it embodies everything we know we love for
lust for, plus the guts and whores
my subjects never bore
i slash em like baratheon with words instead of boars
the fuck you buggin for?
im just a nuglet on the floor
pretty potent but you wont even know it
oh wait
you found me
Track Name: love me (prod. handbook)
ivin at home
kick it alone
spitten the writtens i wrote
gettin em livid its known
riddance to bigots and phones
i mean phoneys die out
right now once i get in the zone
yea its better you dont bite chow too
spicy ow
aint what youre used to
late to the new school
faded like i used pro tools
so cool ice smooth the flow
now i stupid smoke
with the pedal to the metal no cruise control
keep it steady level headed while you losin votes
obama on you mongerers
romney you can lose the soap
they ask me how i do it
i just do the dope
surpass me with the music
thats a foolish hope
distracting me you nuisances
are soon to go
small circle but we cues you know
making moves shootin to the hole
thats the goal
can you dig it weve been working
for the sploosh like zero bein heros
to the folks
just a wierdo to the rest
cold beer though how i quench
dont sleep on me ill wrench
out your back like you slept
in a tent with no mat
i dont really like to camp
but believe i like my camp
improved on my act
dont assume how i rap
bringin boom to the bap
make a tune you could snap to
zoom in on that too
move it a tad ooh
now were layin back
now were layin back
now were layin back
ok were savin that
could you play it back
thats an amazin track
deserves a blazin fat
look mom i made a rap
good shawn now could you take it back yeah

i just want you to love me
i dont care if you love me
i need you to love me
i dont give a fuck if you love me

sorry i
been a little tricky
since i was itty bitty
sippin from a sippy cup
im still not giving fucks
about not winning cups
dont talk about hockey like that
not canadian
neither is our team
freakin aliens
nah im sayin we make talent
where our native kids
now they all like shawn dont go sayin shit
i dont need to we know evil
when we see it we the people
need to keep a clean cerebral
we cant make it equal
even if we peaced it like
illegals when police show and they keep film
put it on a tv show
national geographic
here we go
couldnt see it now im peekin though
couldnt feel it now im peakin though
like im deep in snow
they only teachin what we need to know
well what you need to know?
who you speakin for
i dont even know
all i know is that
they beak me while im eatin pho

i want you to love me
i dont care if you love me
i really need you to love me
could give a fuck if you love me
Track Name: loopers (prod. boom baptist)
illuminati illuminated in truth
an illusion its lunar shaded
and lunatics losin sleep
resume the loop
and theyre clueless and ragin
the tune that theyre playin is foolish
and aimless its useless as doin pook in your basement i fluked and aimed a bit higher the new me has lit a fire
not usually this inspired im loopy
with this desire yeah
mutated alumnus im lupin
the moon is beautiful

the future wolf
in unusual clothes
full of shit as usual
unusual flows
hate me i take the eucharist cuz its
tasty im late and im flakey and true
to be baking up daily so
why should i be making shit
maybe since lately i amazin spit
backwords so im makin tips
and half the slackers and the hacks
wanna smack him in the face for this
but no retracting as im gaining traction run a tractor over lazy
asses uppin standards but i
cut the manners when i run a track first sir

quick learner yet i disrespect further
steppin on toes get em hurtin
when i murder glock flows
lurkin as you watch though
im workin round the clock
for those hot flows yo
you do not know
go nuts im garbonzo
10 get my cock blown
so they said im hot domed

really nothin super new man
speak what i hear
and what i view man
aint original
but still a little different though
speak what i hear
and what i view man
aint original but still a little different though

im lucrative. hallucinogens got me lucid
not condusive then im probably stupid
music used to be used to influence sheep well its still used to influence but its some foolery
anything to prove to deep
is deemed pretentious usery
selling music is a movement
when youre moving peeps
fuck your stupid feelings
i inspire thats good enough for me
and scripts write em as i see fit
tired of being least picked
found a new team, tryna
crown new kings quick
count at least 6 teens
off a deep list
thats some mean ish
things that i speak for your appeasement
still i mean this
and i know of what i preach
when i say i seen the people still
racist in this day and age
cant believe this
and if i say that im elitist
like im tryna go and lead kids
im just tryna go and feed kids
tryna pay dues still they seem sick
of me
shits a mystery
jesus risen thing
slayed jew live it free
stay true to the bitter end
figure its for me
and i been givin lots
been a little fiend
before i forget it let it slip not
yet i know ive been wrong still wrong
though a little less god
blessed with a second shot
ima do my best not to let it drop
mr alien
hes merely what you make of him
so ill say again

really nothin super new man
speak what i hear
and what i view man
aint original
but still a little different though
speak what i hear
and what i view man
aint original but still a little different though
Track Name: overdose (prod. hlmnsra)
make em overdose
going comatose cuz the flows
the most dopest so potent
charlie sheen wont blow it
pardon me that jokes bloated
like that fuckin blokes loaded
wanna see if he could float it
these subliminal criminal lyrics will
kill this individuals career
steer a lear into a deer
now its overkill clear?
im the coldest out here
and thats braggin bud
rap in canada better wrap
it up snug han solo send your frozen
ass solo back home yo
youre goin softer than a froyo
probably callin out yolo
just dont call him out to vote though
prefer observin but an empty seat
anyone else feel me
everyone else please leave
i see it clearer than an lcd
see the fear n ego spread diseased
spear headed by the feds free thee fuck

sneakin a preach in what im sellin ya
cant help but care thats my character
just be aware what theyre tellin ya
aint always guaranteed to merit worth
aint always guaranteed to merit worth
cant help but care its my character
just be aware of what theyre tellin ya
nay sellin ya

knee deep i bleed up the sea when the weeds of the reefer meet with the heater and leak through my fingers, i read and see pleas to receed i recieve em grieve in the brief n then leave the reciever hanging
even keep a belieber waiting baited breath to hear the speaker from hades
say he tears for the ladies sing in falsetto or drake it
make em go crazy explain my relations sell my face
quickest way to get famous
kick cliques in the anus
i make the beats N the raps
with the ease of 3 of ya basics
if you cant easily see im the knees
of the bees you need lasik
quit with the sprayin youre killing us
claimin the payment
Track Name: i don't care (prod. loop.holes)
i dont care

so why dont you make me

og's keep clownin me
hostile men
but im as soft as them
deep down we just layer up
n off and fence
to protect keep safer in this awful mess
deceit drowns all angels let a cop confess
is it awkward yet?
i came from the cloth you should all protest
guess you call it at face
depends on all you expect
still i opt to say
what i thought was best
n so i dont care

i dont care

so why dont you make me care
Track Name: where i'm from (prod. onra)
well i think its right you all know where im from
i was born in edmonton ab
moved to vancouver i was seven
parents hella stressed
dad went first to go work
parents heaven sent
broken homes made irrelevant
both still kept their shit
no severance
couldnt do better
so i better get goin
never let her too close
yet kept a few close yet
steppin more than two toes
in and they go yeah
bad luck on that front
lack cunt bad puns
got em so stressed
god im so blessed
gotta know i gotta give it back
gatti's on a loan
god hes gotta go
call me ghandi with flow
think you got me over ropes
so ungodly of you hoes
but your folding origami
while im slaughtering your souls
oh no
i aint coddling you bros
go broke
as im jotting down the flows
im acknowledging the prose
like i call beyonce knowles in my
song and aubrey knows
whats a GOAT in need of props
but its probably one of those
secret meanings is it not
im just joshin with a fellow canadian
hell were basically neighbours hes down a street from me takin it from the highway 1
the only real highway up here
yeah its kinda fucked
i feel like ive had some type of luck
though i work to get it up
my life defied the cut
like 6 blood cousins
on one side other side is none
my dad decided something
needed bringing up with love
grandfather died when i was young
cant remember sight or touch
but i think i feel him now through me reachin out no lunacy devout im
smokin oompa loompa choomin
shroomin user you can see im bout
to lose it now
id be foolish not to lose it to my music
or to leave it out
easiest to see just what i be about
cuz this arts about realness
since 11 ive been workin for some real cheques
and i said id make good ched
now i feel pressed
yeah i could narrate my life but
morgan freeman's best
Track Name: stoned (prod. beat gates)
tell it like it is
you know
you can tell i light a spliff
when i write i like to
try n differentiate
set a different pace
bet i differ when i lace
tracks with that lifter
i mean upper no wonder
im undiscovered i jumble
my words and tongue
as im trundling through the jungle
and these cats want a kill
never mind that get packin
from the hash bag bet i have that
tryna be a hash tag i can laugh at
me when i have my weed
im a class act
act in a class like
i aint blast out my
tree and the teach tryna speak
but its leakin out the seams
im just tweakin bout my dreams
pinkman out the cream so
lepoard mink is out the scene
unless its thrifty now im seen
drifting off in my seat
slipping soft into sleep
trippin and in this vision
im sippin super sauce
with the chupacab
chillen as were chippin
shots playin golf
you wangsters stayin lost
im taking lasers to the cause
cuttin layers through the blob
thats the state of music broads
what you lookin at me for
im just a weed whore
i dont even deal but im
tryna keep more keys
than a keyboard
cake up what the streesh for?
sleep on me?
wake up on the sea floor
not forgettable
Track Name: terrorist (prod. beat gates)
hey you
yeah you

i want you
define a terrorist

and if the first thing that you think
is an arabic person thats some proof of what i think
theyre insertin some uncertainties
scarin while we live in perfect peace
imagine when emergecies emerge
and were to fat to turn n flee
no runnin from em certainly
but everyone has guns
from the slums to the bourgoisie
havent you heard the word your
neighbour is your enemy
i seen it on tv so that makes
sense to me
i must pretend to be aware
so other people think i care
n i aint do a thing but stare
at this screen talkin mean
about some people i aint meet
i aint even seen so who am i to speak
so indecent from my seat go
leave em in a creek dont think
of me as weak yo i feel you but see
we dont really know the dealio
the tv show mysterio things
say its bad though
as i fund monsanto
killin eachother with no blood on hands though
so you see were all some terrorists
where we ought to be
product of our gods
to be fair it isnt terrible
as ever but we awkwardly
stare in our reflection mockingly
then drink a pair of monster drinks
all i mean is talk is cheap
and all we do is talk when were
surrounded by these voices talking
louder please stop the speech
yeah watch him preach
the conflict seems obvious
why should i be talking jeeZ
gotta be a problem when i tell
em all to sleep on it
then again i guess you can choose what you hear
so you at least want it
just a little bit
Track Name: healing (prod. beat gates)
when i hear people feel me it
heals me
my achillies heel
is the fear of being feared
please i aint really weird
im sincere though i need to be
more clear i think
and so i made this tape
from a new and better place
with a view ahead of pace
gettin to it never waste
time glue the pen to page
rhyme booth every day
just a tool and a slave
produce it get it played
take the music to the face
with the doobie there for chase

its so healing
like the feeling

now all im needing is a sweet release
harper from the tv thing
carpenters use him as they need him
shape the scheme of things
schemin freakin smeagle
sneak and steal things in plain sight
hide in daylight
do more evil than healing it aint right
cant seem to speak a single
piece without a say right
excersisin freedom of my dang rights
in this way i break silence
stake lies
vampire style
no violence
Track Name: gas (prod. earl sweatshirt)
im just a wannabe rasta
eatin pasta for these ostrich knees
still go faster than youd want to be
wiley guys is stalkin creeper
peeper tom binocu seers
peakin in that crystal ball
gettin pissed as all shit
as if its all a trick or callin
quits an option missions off
im gettin off a bit when all
these kids are fallin victim
to the bitchin mad pout
i stand out like a clifford dog
wag a tail when i get to ball
for now im catchin quails
don draper when the missus call
im poachin all these chickens salt
n lick em make a face with bacon
take it off with lyrics from a stainless pot on flames
skin is flakin off
scary drove the benz makin nary
quick a friend
there he goes again hangin larrys
with the pen
summers owes a debt blankfein marigos and then
dimon time and time again
lies with moynihan
as men try and find the time to spend
when the moneys all gone
whose alive it will depend
who will fight its all wrong
cant nobody here pretend
you cant silence it for long
and when we write it like a song
and sing it people see that we could
bring it all along and leave an
equaler beingness
not speakin this facetiously its
leakin through the seams as i unravel
travel back to when im speechless
cuz if seein is believin im an atheist
well maybe im the craziest but
all ive seen is everythings not what it seems at least lately shit
hasnt changed since we been bankin on canadians to take us in
century later barely shake a shin
you say youre raping takin names
fakin anger why the claim to sin
who made a kid so blatant disrespectful wait check it
this was in the wreckage from collectively opressive people
wasnt ready for the
public but fuck it they want the rubbish well dump it you suckin
everybodies stomach through
that mother fucking plastic
isnt that a gas trick?
when lappin with no stamina
youre cardiac quits
thats a credit card debtor guardin
plethoras of sheckles hard to get em
barred incestual the methods
of the men in charge
mentioned it already back
bars keepin plenty licks
past the bar
as if im keepin em a tab
from far
yeah it has to be
why i get up in the lab and rappers
act deceased
its impossible to work with all you possums
if you lackin teeth
i wanna see em when you speak and
feel em eatin at some meat and know they sink in
no shame in these beliefs
if reason is okay
you lackeys
no brain
go bang
when i blow no name
on the flow dont claim
its just incredible steady
cookin kettles full of mega bull
mind impregnable
still chillen on my lonley mostly
just a close group of homies
needa keep it on the low key
if you know me, you dont owe me
a thing
im happy just to be here tryna live in a dream
just practicing my rapping
while im pickin a beat
so relaxing when i let it go to shit
then im free
no pun intended
seriously no pun intended
Track Name: no disgrace / notice grace (prod. helium)
i wear your face
ill try and wear it well in your place
as you did
no disgrace
a role model from the gate

god is what you make it
be it dogma or mistaken thesis
lotta orphans taken feel in place
so who's to say its evil?
but i dont need it
i believe in you and me since
you in me since pre-conceivement
in a dream i've seen it, been it,
needa free it yeah
n jesus peace is still proceeding
through his pieces and
the preachers teachings

i wear your face
ill try and wear it well in your place
as you did
no disrgace
just a role model from the gate yeah
notice grace

ive been speakin ill of priests since i was preteen
said some mean things
easy target for a marksman briefly fiending
for a release
i did mean these
but the truth is im just teething
feel the need to be facetious for some reason damn
i need a plan thats seamless
hand in hand with my dreaming
and achieve it as the seasons seep together
faster, steep this path im creepin through
always there when i needed you yo youre loyal as a pikachu
and bound to keep it true and even found a bit of me in you
hella corny but i speak the truth

i wear your face
ill try and wear it well in your place
as you did
no disgrace
been a role model from the gate

i wear your face
ill try and wear it well in your place
as you did
notice grace
role model from the gate
Track Name: fight or die (prod. onra)
when the day comes you confront with the enemy you better be tough
cuz you cant play dumb
in the fight for your life
peace is no remedy
youre getting deceased
if you cant play rough

well somethin has to give when half these activists are activeless pacifists
thats the shit until the axe legit
infractions are enacted then reactions arent passive
its a savage america for a terrorist whether its an arab or an error
share in it
in various forms
like the hysteria storm
tune in the stereos quick
canaries galore
singing various twists to get the ratings enormous
those some vicarious lips

when the day comes you confront with the enemy you better be tough
cuz you cant play dumb
in the fight for your life
peace is no remedy
youre getting deceased
if you cant play rough

ima practice what i preach
don't beseech i gotta speak
more attractive for the feebs
this an art form
and you sleep on style stale
if i needed you to feel me
i would write braille
these some pieces for the free
dont bite tails
on the coats of the demons
let you float
when you need em there the most
live and die frail
live a lie and your career will be a borderline fail
like you tried to sneak a dime over border
hi jail
Track Name: same old (prod. onra)

its the same old incredible
aint no fuckin with the federals
stay both lucky and dependable
goin independent growin independent
flowin so inventive pull a tension
then i let it go
why you tensin bro?
i aint so pretentious bet i wreck em though
switch the tense up and i wrecked up
been a tick in theyre rectum come correct em
get it flipped i reflect em when i flip those selections
which i wrote so reflexive so dope with inflections i infect em
so they try n bite
flowsno hope for your record when your styles white
no im not pretendin in just kinda like
old spice freshest
so defiant if you tell me who im rhymin like
you a lyin dike
if you cant hide your pride in the jungle you can die
sip cyanide
yeah its eye for eye
i aint tryna lie i see what you try and hide
but i dont really give a fuck im just tryna dine
still time to make a dime off the music
takin mine
dont accuse him of a crime
fools hatin wait in line
maybe patient but you wastin time
im writin every day now i stay in time
filth was just some basic lines
now you know ive been dope
i aint quit smoke yet
so i still go get
for the green both texts
peace cuz i hold no piece though i own techniques
when a bro flex
keep it up with the bowflex yo youre the most dense
Track Name: more clouds (prod. johnny ripper)
my heads feelin a little clouded lately
i wonder if i need a break
or could it be this state is what i need to keep it sane?
livin on a dream
fingers in my brain
steer me to a lane all my own
need a plane down the road for the globe trot
dope hops
playin for the gold not layin up
fade away i pro shot
faded as in dope not faded as in faux hawks
maybe thats a cold shot
nay not the gross draught
confoundingly basic yet basically gold
im bound to get played till im aged out and old
so i tell myself day in
blae out the dome hazed out
day out
same route aint condoned
so i tell my mom i got it and she smile take me home for awhile
make it known that i owe it to her hope to be the child that she'd grown
music, i choose it
i do it cuz the shoe fit and thats why i have to go

you could say my whole life ive been livin in the clouds
been up here so long i fear it clears and i fall down
cant see thr ground from here, i take it all on faith
that when i fly away from here everything will be okay

i scare my girl away
its like i cant communicate
and they say communications key so were doomed
its safe for me to say i need to leave, let her breathe
im smothering then equally seemingly be unloving enough to make her uncomfortable?
love is so cumbersome fuck it its wonderful
there i go huffin and puffin
but what if im just a fuckin tool

every day i wake up rub my face and then i blaze up
every day man? every day yo
why the fuck?
i cant say but ima take a minute, cut it, see whats up
and maybe puff it in a month or something
love it but if fuckin with my mission ima cut it like the muffins in a bitches diet
try it, you might slip
i rhyme slick
clean up in aisle 6
needle with the lines i divinely intertwine shit

you could say my whole life ive been livin in the clouds
been up here so long i fear it clears and i fall down

this is how i get my writing forced
every time i light source i ride a purple high horse
tell em im to die for
righteous as the light force
nah im blind and my sights poor
just tryna find my way without a light source
still i might torch might force hands
cuz i write morse sams in the sights
shore sands in the night
swords dance and they slice wars

you could say my whole life ive been livin in the clouds
been up here so long i fear it clears and i fall down
cant see thr ground from here, i take it all on faith
that when i fly away from here everything will be okay